Pottery Is Versitile
Pottery leads to versatility and environmental control in gardening. It is portable. Frost or heat intolerant plants may be brought indoors during severe weather conditions.

Containment keeps trees to a manageable size for years. Small fruit trees brought indoors during winter months, lend a verdant lush atmosphere and aromatic, floral fragrance.

Our primary new focus and excitement this year is on our collection of imported Asian pottery. Our partner travels, sleeping in villages, seeking and purchasing these works of art. Each piece is painstakingly handcrafted, kilned and glazed by hand, a 5000 year old art.

Imported Asian Pottery
We have a wide variety of vibrant color, and unusual shapes and sizes. Each piece is uniquely designed; no two are ever exactly the same. These treasures are sure to add an ambient artistic touch to any home, patio or business.

Some of our pottery is glazed inside and out. Being waterproofed, we create elegant fountains from them. They are perfect for indoor use. The leak proof glaze will spare your flooring when watering. If you love terracotta pottery, we have a large selection of that too.